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BMW Compatible Ultra HD Car Door Ghost Light Car Logo Projector Light - Customizable

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To make your car unique, we are proud to introduce our miniature logo door projectors. This innovative device will bring a unique and personalized experience to your car.

Super projection, bright logo: Whenever you open the car door, the high-brightness LED chip and high-definition projection lens will project your car logo on the ground. This powerful drop shadow will make your vehicle stand out.

Extreme temperature-resistant design, fearless of severe cold and heat: Made of PVC flame-retardant material, our projector can work normally in extreme temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. This is a product that really adapts to every environment, no matter where you are.

Smart sensor, intimate light on and off: Our projector has the function of smart sensor, it will not light up during the day and light up at night. When you close the door, it will automatically turn off the light; when you open the door, it will automatically turn on the light. This smart design not only provides convenience, but also saves energy.

Personalized customization, unique features: Supports personalized customization of various patterns and characters, making your vehicle unique. Whether you're looking to showcase your vehicle branding, a personalized slogan or unique graphics, we've got you covered.

Original installation, non-destructive matching: Our design perfectly fits the size of the original car puddle light, and is equipped with original buckles to ensure non-destructive installation. More than just a device that adds to the uniqueness of your vehicle, this mini projector is an easy option without tedious modifications.

High-definition projection, intelligent decoding: Using high-definition nano-scale graphite lens group and original car decoding chip, our projector has achieved a double breakthrough in high brightness and clarity. Intelligent decoding and temperature control protection functions ensure the high performance and safety of the device.

Long life, high brightness: high-brightness lamp beads, concentrated light source, long life, high brightness, stable performance. Compared with other lamp beads of the same level, the brightness is 30% higher. This means your projector will provide you with long-lasting excellent performance.

Excellent heat dissipation and stable performance: The lens module is made of heat-dissipating aluminum alloy, which improves the heat dissipation capability and ensures more stable device performance. No matter how long your journey is, it will serve you reliably.

This car door badge micro projector not only focuses on appearance, but also emphasizes on intelligent sensing and personalized customization, making your car more personalized and intelligent. Whether you're looking for a unique look or great performance, this projector has it all.


Universal model requires 3 AAA batteries.
The Special model can be connected to the power supply of the door light

Universal model, we guarantee no fading for half a year.
Special model, never fade.

Compatible vehicle models:

(Tips: The same model may have different configurations. The exclusive door light Logo projectors only for cars with factory door lights. So Please confirm whether your car has door lights or just reflectors, or a hole before placing an order. If you are not sure, it is recommended to consult customer service.)

Universal model:

Applicable to all car models

Special model:

1 Series E87, E81, E82, E88, F20, F21, F52 (2004-NOW)
2 Series F22, F45 Active Tourer, F23, F46 Gran Tourer, F87 M2 (2014-2020), G42/U06 (2020-NEW)
3 Series E36, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F35, F31, F34, F34 GT, F80 M3 (1991-NOW), G20/G21 (2019-NOW)
4 Series F32, F33, F82 M4, F83 M4, F36 Gran Coupé (2014-NOW), G22/G23/G26/M4(G82)/M4(G83) (2021-NOW)
5 Series E60, E61, F07 GT, F10, F18, F11, G30, G31, G38, F90 M5 (2003-NOW) / E39 (1999-NOW)
6 Series E63, E64, F12, F13, F06 Gran Coupé, G32 GT (2004-NOW)
7 Series E65, E66, E67, E68, F01, F02, F03, F04 Hybrid, G11, G12 (2001-NOW)
8 Series G14, G15, G16 Gran Coupé, F91 M8, F92 M8, F93 M8 (2018-NOW)
i3 (2014-NOW)
i4 (2022-NOW)
i7 (2022-NOW)
iX (2022-NOW)
iX3 (2020-NOW)
X1 F48, F49, (2016-NOW) / E84 (2014-NOW)
X2 F39 (2017-NOW)
X3 E83, F25, G01, G08, M F97 (2004-NOW)
X4 F26, G02, M F98 (2014-NOW)
X5 E70, F15, G05, M F85 (2007-NOW) / E53 (1995-NOW)
X6 E71, E72 Hybrid, F16, M F86, G06 (2008-NOW)
X7 G07 (2019-NOW)
Z4 E85, E86, E89 (2003-NEW), G29 (2017-NOW)
Z8 E52 (2000-NOW)

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